Bathrooms for a flat in Milan

Private projects

Designer: CLS Architetti

Realised in: 2014

Employed materials: Lavic stone, Bamboo Green, Slate, Ming Green, Pink Portugal, Black Portoro

Description:  For this elegant flat in Milan we have realised two marble bathrooms and other furnishing elements. The master bathroom had a cladding realised with Lavic stone great slabs and a flooring constitued by Slate staves. Among these dark and austere stones, the vertical panelling stands particularly out in the area around the great monolithic Ming Green washbasin, realised with the same green marble, in the lower part with the valuable Black Portoro and in the upper part with Pink Portugal marble. In front of this area has been located a spectacular piece of furniture, completely panelled with the same materials employed in the washbasin area, namely Ming Green, Black Portoro and Pink Portugal marble. The guests’ bathroom too has a flooring realised with Slate staves, whereas the cladding and the ceiling are realised with Bamboo Green marble, which makes the bathroom a particular and interesting one. The bathroom’s monolithic washbasin was made of Slate, whereas the shower cabin was realised with Lavic stone. The project was completed with the supply of other elements, among them the huge circular table: it has a diameter of 190 cm and was realised with Black and Gold lightweight marble.