The company


About us

Sacerdote Marmi is an Italian company specialised in supplying, processing and installing marbles, stones, onyxes and granites. The Company was established in 1984, thanks to the initiative of Patrizio Sanguinetti, coming from a family of sculptors living in Carrara, and Arch. Cesare Nardi, designer and ancient marbles’ great expert. At first the Company had its own workshop in the centre of Carrara, which was characterised from the very beginning by a high-quality production, so that in a short time Sacerdote Marmi had become the supplier of the main design companies, among the others Cappellini, Sormani, Cassina, etc.
The expertise developed thanks to this production and the consequent high-quality standards were soon employed in other sectors, with the carrying out of important projects. The climax was reached with the realisation of the Bank of America in Miami and the Oman Sultan’s residence in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, beginning the Company’s internationalisation process. In the mid-1990s started also the commitment in the shipping sector, with the supply and the installation of marbles on 20 vessels between 1993 and 2001.
Needing more space, in 2002 the Company was transferred to the industrial area of Avenza-Carrara, in a 5,000 m² factory. In the 2000s new technologies were introduced and applied in the stone sector, so the factory was equipped with many numerical control machineries, becoming a reference point in the realisation of monolithic bathtubs, washbasins and tridimensional elements. The engagement in the sector of luxury yachts got promoted, thanks to the lightweight marble new technology, and the Company gained new important customers from the Italian design sector, for example Boffi and Antonio Lupi, who joined the other long-standing customers.
In recent years Sacerdote Marmi has strengthened its position as one of the most important manufacturing companies in the Apuo-Versilian district. After a top management turnover, a new generation is currently in charge.

Where are we

The Sacerdote Marmi Company is situated in Carrara (MS), a town which, thanks to the presence of marble, has a deep-rooted tradition in the processing of this worldwide known material. Our Company employs this cultural background to the higher advantage, since its components belong in most cases to the second or third generation working in this sector, having therefore great experience and developed skills. The closeness to the Apuan marble quarries actually makes us able to lay in supplies easily, both for large orders or particular requests. At the foot of the Apuan Alps has developed one of the world’s main stone districts, towards which almost all the stones and marbles of the planet converge; consequently we have the possibility of retrieving every type of requested material without difficulties, working quickly and flexibly, providing options and solutions very rapidly.

What do we do

Our Company can develop every kind of project concerning the stone sector, thanks to a working team specialised in the retrieving and selecting of materials, a fully equipped factory and a technical department which follows all the phases regarding big projects as well as single elements like bathtubs, washbasins, interior design items, etc. Moreover we have several installation teams that can work abroad and logistics skills letting us offer to the customer a bespoke product everywhere in the world. We invite you to visit the website’s gallery and the “How do we work” section for further information; here is a short list of the services we provide:

Provided services:

• Technical advice during the planning phase
• Choosing and supplying of marble slabs and blocks
• Surveying
• Carrying out of executive drawings (pigeon-holed processing, hookup drawings)
• Realisation of tridimensional computerised models
• Engineering and production of marble design elements (also in behalf of a third party)
• Slabs cutting (also in behalf of a third party)
• Backlighting systems planning and supplying
• Lightweight marble elements realisation
• Study and supplying of fixing systems
• Installation and polishing
• Protective treatments
• Restorations and repair service