The factory

Our Company’s factory is situated in the industrial area of Avenza-Carrara, spreading over a surface of approximately 5,000 m², only a few kilometres from the marble quarries and near to the main communication routes. It consists of four chief sections:

1) External area

Here slabs and blocks are stocked, but there are also machineries for the blocks’ squaring off, cutting and sand-blasting, as well as water depuration plants. Nearby we also have a depot for blocks, which we share with a partner owning some Apuan quarries.

fotoaerea_ridAerial view of our factory

2) Main factory area

In this area, representing the company’s producing core, we find machine tools with lifting equipment, indispensable for the materials’ employment and handling, for example the overhead crane and various jib cranes. The main machineries in this part of the factory are:

  • 2 bridge milling cutters
  • 2 CNC 3 axes machines
  • 1 CNC 5 axes machine
  • 1 waterjet cutting machine
  • 2 numerical control lathes
  • 1 upright drill
  • 1 carving machine/pantograph
  • surface finishing machineries (manettone, etc.)


interno_laboratorioInside view of our workshop

3) Manual finishing area

Here are carried out all the manual finishings and the processings which entail the production of great amounts of dust, harmful to the machineries which should always be kept in perfect working order. This area is positioned so as to receive as much light as possible, letting the craftsmen control better their work, which has to be faultless.

4) Offices

The offices are the Company’s essential part, its brains so to speak, therefore we have tried to create a pleasant environment, spacious and functional at the same time, collecting the commercial, administrative, technical and managerial department.