Shipping projects

yachts and ships

Sacerdote Marmi has gained over the years a considerable experience in the shipping sector, both in the realisation of big cruise ships and luxury yachts, where panelling is exclusively carried out by means of lightweight marbles. Almost all the projects include, in addition to marble supply, its installation, guaranteeing a bespoke high quality service.


Yachts Portfolio

Azimut Benetti Shipyard:

  1. FB 214 “Ambrosia” (1994)
  2. FB 228 “Amnesia” (2003)
  3. FB 230 “JO” (2004)
  4. FB 237 “Latinou” (2008)
  5. FB 238 “Platinum” (2008)
  6. FB 239 “Xanadu” (2008)
  7. FB 263 “Ocean Paradise” (2012)

Codecasa Shipyard:

  1. C 106 “Invader” (1999)
  2. C 107 “Lady Ann Magee” (2000)

 San Lorenzo Shipyard:

  1. SL 102 (2009)
  2. SL 106/619 (2015)
  3. SL 106/620 (2015)

CBI Navi Shipyard:

  1. CBN 41 “Metsuyan” (2006)
  2. MY 174/27 (2006)
  3. MY 180/27 (2006)

Fipa Maiora:

  1.  FIPA A026 “Lighea” (2005)
  2.  FIPA 137 (2004)

Viudes Yacht:

  1. Viudes 45 (2011)


Ship Portfolio:

Grimaldi Lines:

  1. Majestic
  2. Fantastic
  3. Splendid
  4. Excelsior
  5. Excellent
  6. La Superba
  7. La Suprema

Minoan Lines:

  1. Olympia Palace
  2. Knossos Palace
  3. Europa Palace
  4. Festos Palace

Walt Disney Cruises:

  1. Disney Magic
  2. Disney Wonder


  1. Silver Shadow
  2. Silver Cloud


  1. Pride of Hull
  2. Pride of Rotterdam


  1. Victory
Washbasin and flooring panelled with White Onyx
Onyx and marble Bathrooms for Yacht SL102
Pink Portugal, Golden Spider and Pink Onyx installed flooring
Marble flooring and bathrooms for Yacht Xanadu
Alibella in miniature
Flooring and marble bathrooms for Yacht Alibella
Limestone washbasin
Stone bathrooms for Yacht Latinou
Afyon Gold, Rosso Francia and Azul Macauba inlay flooring
Marble cladding and flooring for Yacht Amnesia
Bathrooms and furniture for Yacht Ocean Paradise
Flooring with wood, Green Pakistan Onyx and Honey Onyx inlays
Marble Floor and bathrooms for Yacht Invader
Lady Ann miniature
Bathrooms for Yacht Lady Ann Magee
Washbasin and shower cladding realised with Beige Thala stone
Yacht SL 106/619
Bench realised with Silk Georgette
Yacht SL 106/620
Hall with Biancone Trani and Rosso Alicante flooring
Marble desks, benches and flooring for Minoan Lines Ships
Hall with White Statuario and Guatemala Green marble flooring
Marble flooring, swimming pools and desks for Grimaldi Lines Ships