Marble Public projects

boutiques, restaurants, health and wellness SPA, hotels, offices

The public projects realised by our Company (among the others hotels, boutiques, etc.), are characterised by the evident refinement of the design solutions applied. More and more, the structures having a great value require something that can contribute to creating elegant environments, where the customers could experience unforgettable emotions, marking out strongly the service and the brand. Here is why products like backlit materials, brass inlays, coloured and monolithic elements are so often required in this kind of projects and the need has arisen to find companies with specific skills and great expertise, not limiting themselves to the supply of marble slabs.

Disks realised with Orange Onyx on glass - final effect
Disks realised with Orange Onyx on glass for a restaurant in Milan
SPA in Capalbio realised with Atlantide Yellow marble
Marble cladding for a SPA in Capalbio
Backlit wall realised with White Onyx
Backlit Onyx in a Restaurant in Milan
Boutique's view from the outside
Stone Flooring for a Boutique in Paris
Cladding with Navona Travertine and brass inlay
Flooring, staircase and furniture for a Boutique in Frankfurt
Floor cladding realised with yellow pigmented Statuario marble
Boutique in Singapore
Waiting room flooring with mosaic and Statuarietto marble inlays, in the middle a marbled column
Marble floor for Offices in Como
Interior cladding with Persian Yellow Travertine
Travertine cladding for a boutique in Paris
Restoration of “Palazzo della Carovana”, Pisa
External view of a resort's unit
Marble cladding and flooring for a Resort in Castel Monastero - Siena
Boutique MSGM
Marble desk and elements for a Boutique in Milan
Shaped flooring panelled with White Thassos and Black Zimbabwe
Inlay marble flooring for a Boutique at Malpensa Airport
Vista esterna del museo
Marble-glass doors for Tripoli Museum