How do we work


Since natural stones are peculiar and very changeable, one of our Company’s main rules is to work with the maximum transparency degree, as regards both the materials’ choice and the approval of the realised elements. As we are confident about the quality of the products we offer, we hope that the customer will come, examine and choose personally the materials, following the various phases up to the final testing and the observance of the size measurement. But sometimes the customer just cannot come to our factory. In those cases we arrange, before starting the processing, the delivery to the customer of high resolution pictures showing marble slabs or blocks, so that he gets to know what material we are going to employ and becomes aware of its features. Once we have singled out the material (especially in case of a particular kind of material) we shall dispatch a sample via express courier, in order to provide the customer with a tangible reference, so he can appreciate better its texture, since it can be difficult to convey the real effect of marble’s shades and colouring on photos. As long as the material is chosen and the executive drawings approved, at the end of the processing we will send high resolution pictures of the processed elements, taken with a Reflex camera, using RAW image files, which guarantee the highest image quality and the impossibility of alterations.


Our Company’s work is characterised by a great efficiency, which guarantees a faultless service to our customers. We are able to carry out bespoke projects, from the initial survey in the yard up to the installation and the protective treatments. All the project’s phases take place internally: the size survey and the executive drawings are realised by our technical department and passed on to the workshop, where the required products will be carried out following the processing notes. The final phase of installation requires a high developed logistics expertise, in order to ensure the correct goods’ packaging and its delivery to destination, where our installation team will take care of the project’s conclusion relating, if necessary, directly to the technical department’s colleagues or to the workers having materially realised the product.


The internal management of the various processing phases gives the opportunity of ensuring to the customer a greater flexibility, concerning the project’s development and possible changes along the way. The customer will have a project manager to his/her disposition and the possibility to convey or require information about the work’s progress in each moment, intervening rapidly and directly onto the manufacturing process. Moreover we can guarantee quick and punctual deliveries, adapting the processing to the specific requirements which can arise during the project’s development.


Many among the most important Italian design companies have entrusted us with the supply of interior design items: in many cases it is a decades-long collaboration that has allowed us to adopt high control and quality standards, rarely occurring in the companies working in this sector, which are regularly applied to all our products. Our personnel has to give priority to the processing quality, in the end an expert will examine the product: the control will concern first of all the size, to verify that the products do not exceed the allowances; then we have got a visual control, to ensure that there are no stucco works or corrupt elements, and finally a tactile control, to appreciate by touch the homogeneity, regularity and quality of the finished product. Through these important features our Company guarantees extreme high-quality products, which can satisfy the requirements of each customer.