Stairs, bathrooms and marble flooring for a Villa in S.Petersburg

Private projects

Designer: Arch. Vittorio Molteni

Realised in: 2011

Employed materials: Cremo Delicato, Calacatta Vagli Oro, Emperador Dark, Siena Yellow, Bronze Amani, Salomè

Description: The villa, situated in a residential complex near Saint Petersburg, is characterised by the optimal employment of “classical” materials adorning the various rooms. We have followed attentively all the project’s phases, from the survey to the installation, realising the flooring of the common areas with Cremo Delicato, enriched by some inlaid rosettes, and the monumental staircase leading to the first floor with Cremo Delicato. We have also installed 3 bathrooms with elements of great value such as inlays, shaped frames, book-match and panelled furniture.