Marble for a Villa on Lake Como

Private projects

Designer: Studio Dordoni

Realised in: 2012

Employed materials: White Statuario, Classic Travertine, White Onyx, Honey Onyx, Stone Grey, Black Marinace, Walnut Travertine, Scotland Grey, Pietra D’Avola, Saint Laurent

Description: We have followed all the project’s phases concerning this villa, starting from the planning up to the installation; it is characterised by a large employment of natural stones, from the external part realised with honed Walnut Travertine and Classic Travertine panelling, with a particular handmade “pitched” finishing. Externally there are also the Pietra d’Avola floorings and the Black Marinace swimming pool’s panelling, extending also to the interior part. Internally we have installed the garages’ floorings in Scotland Grey stone; in many areas Walnut Travertine has been employed for panelling and Classic Travertine for flooring. The main reception room has a Saint Laurent marble flooring, whereas other common areas have been realised with Stone Grey. We have carried out the panelling of 5 bathrooms with White Statuario, Honey Onyx, White Onyx and Stone Grey. Lightweight marble has been used for the realisation of some elements and we have applied particularly interesting solutions to the shower trays, so that the water can flow much more easily.