Marble desks, benches and flooring for Minoan Lines Ships

Shipping projects

Shipyard: Fincantieri (GE)

Realised in: 1999-2002

Employed materials: Statuario Marble, Rosso Alicante, Biancone Trani, etc.

Description: Over a few years we have carried out for the Greek Minoan Lines shipping company the panellings for the public areas of 4 ships: Olympia Palace, Knossos Palace, Europa Palace and Festos Palace. All these ships, even if they are different from each other, were characterised by the employment of the same materials, namely Biancone Trani and White Statuario combined with Rosso Alicante. Within those large-scale projects were realised also several special elements, for example marble benches with Hellenic decorations, marble bar counters and shaped wainscots.