White Carrara C Marble




  • Recommended for: in- and outdoor employment
  • Availability: excellent
  • Slabs’ alteration: limited
  • Block size: average/big

Physical-mechanical features:

  • Weight per volume unit: 2711 kg/m3
  • Simple compression tensile strength: 1334 kg/cm2
  • Compression tensile strength after freeze-thaw cycles: 1300 kg/cm2
  • Tensile strength due to bending stress: 202 kg/cm2
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion: 0,0063 mm/m°C
  • Coefficient of imbibition: 0,09 %
  • Impact strength: 56 cm
  • Wear out of friction: 5,55 mm



White Carrara C Marble slabs’ examples:


Possible applications: White Carrara C Marble for floorings, panellings, kitchens, bathtubs, washbasins, tables, staircases, fireplaces and sculptures.
Available finishings: polished, smoothed, satin finished, hammered, striped, brushed, sandblasted, etched White Carrara C Marble.