Disks realised with Orange Onyx on glass for a restaurant in Milan

Общественные места

Проектировщик: Arch. Nisi Magnoni

Год: 2015

Материалы: Orange Onyx

Описание: The project’s main part was the realisation of enormous disks with Orange Onyx stratified on glass. These disks were meant by the designer to recall gongs, oriental musical instruments, and to represent the main stylistic element of the restaurant. The greatest difficulty in the realisation of these elements was their large dimension, the diameter was in fact 250 cm. The most suitable technical solution was to stratify two Orange Onyx book-matched slabs, 10 mm thick, on a disk made of extra clear tempered glass, 15 mm thick: so we have guaranteed the material’s translucency, together with very good resistance and weight characteristics. The project was completed with the supply of Orange Onyx elements for the backlit bar counter and some niches.